Sunday, October 24, 2010


As I am sitting here at my desk thinking of something to write about, I look immediately to my right and see 2 rolls of duct tape and a package of sesame street bandaids. What kind of weird 15-year-old would have these? Me. I'm sending them to my camp friend for her birthday as bribery to return to camp next year. She is hesitant about going back, but one month in minnesota without her makes camp just not the same old fun. Luckily, I still have my good friends Annie and Nora returning, but it still won't be the same. I feel like camp is like this every year. Just something missing..... This was the first summer that I was able to say everything was complete, but next year I will have to again, alter my description of 'complete'. As I think about it, camp is like a birthday. Like birthdays, camp is only once a year, one month only. You long to be at camp just like you long for a birthday, but when camp is over, much like when a birthday passes, the longing starts again and the yearning for another experience much like the last one grows stronger and stronger until you reach the point where there is no place you would rather be than at camp, or no better day than your birthday.

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