Monday, March 14, 2011

Dominance of Extra-Curriculars

Due to my recent scheduling, I have not been able to keep up with household chores and straightening out my life. January-March being my busy season, this is expected. Starting in january, practices for the Vshow are very time consuming, leading to the Orchesis show soon after and Poms Tryouts to finish my season. With all of these activities, it is very hard to keep up with cleaning my room and doing my homework and finishing projects and such. It is amazing how time consuming activities are these days and how there is no way to escape missing out on one or the other. You have to balance and prioritize which things in your life are necessary and which ones you can hold off on. I seem be always being scolded for not cleaning my room or organizing my closet when I come home. I would love to complete those chores if I had not just been at a very stressful day of school followed by several hours of dancing. When I get home, I usually eat and then need to do my homework and then afterwards need to go to sleep in order to repeat the cycle the next day. There is just not enough time in the day for that to be possible. The way that extra-curriculars dominate over all teenaged lives is crazy. Sometimes coaches set up practices or schedule games and competitions at times that will not allow you to be able to get any of your homework done, let alone have time to do anything else but attend school. Just this past saturday, our dance group was called to come at school at 10 in the morning and wasn't able to leave until around 5 or 6. This took up an entire day that one could do homework or sleep late and rest and catch up on life. it was a necessary practice, but there could have been more practices earlier in the season to get the show started faster and and avoid last-minute long days such as these. I feel that there should be certain regulations that schools set up to monitor how much time students are being forced to put into their activities in order to succeed. Not that I don't love dancing everyday, but when you can't find time to get good grades or even connect with your peers, the activity is lessening your chances for getting into a good college or creating long-lasting relationships with your friends; ultimate goals after high school.